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Usage of data we collect and how they are processed by us

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In these Privacy Policy Terms

"The Wize Media" and / or "Company" and / or "us" and / or "we" means GT LIMITED.

"The Wize Media" means GT LIMITED.

Data Protection Law ( provides that The Wize Media takes all necessary measures to protect personal data and respect privacy of life of its customers and users.

We explain the rights of our clients below in accordance with the legislation and Privacy Policy.

I. What is, in accordance with the law, considered Personal Data

Personal Data is the data associated with a living person, and whose identity can be found through this data. is committed to preserving and protecting them.

In any case reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data by informing visitors / users within the existing and / or possible legal framework. If a visitor / user does not agree to the privacy terms provided here, he / she should not use the services. 

II. Personal Data Collected by

-The visitor of website (Websites / Blog / Online Store) can browse without having to provide any personal information.

-The visitor of's online store will need to provide personal data (email, username, username) only if it proceeds to a service / product order.
-The necessary transaction data is the name, surname, phone, address, street, city, postal code.
-It is necessary for the type of invoice to fill in the VAT number, which is automatically checked by the EU system. VIES (, the company name and headquarters address and country code filled in front of the VAT number to add or not the relevant tax if required.
-Opportant information you can give us is the mobile phone number (for immediate use) Fax number and occupation. 

III. obligations of collects and processes personal data sent by the visitor / user only for the purpose of providing its services (communication, financial / tax) only. This includes the pricing of services, technical support as well as customer and / or users' communications in the event of an emergency to protect the customers, users and systems of

In the event that has to process personal data in a way that requires the customer's consent, customers will be notified and their consent required. The visitor / user can contact the appropriate department to cross-check the existence of the file, correct it, change it or delete it. NEVER use or share Personal Data of its customers in ways prohibited by law, except for relevant provisions of the law and to the competent authorities alone.

The visitor / user can contact the appropriate department to cross-check the existence of the file, correct it, change it or delete it.

Our services are not available for use by underage, nor are information stored voluntarily or data for underage.

IV. customer's obligations of and user obligations

customers and / or users can access the personal data that keeps from them through our information management and payments website. Through our customer's website and / or users we can view and edit or delete data.

customers and / or users of can be informed in writing for the purposes of processing personal data that keeps in relation to them by writing to GT LTD, 5th KLM Nafpliu Asklipiu, Nafplio, 21100, Argolis, Greece. customers are required to ensure the confidentiality of confidential data and / or information assigned to them by User names, passwords, and SSL certificates assigned by are strictly confidential and is not responsible for those who have lost and / or have been stolen by customers and / or users. In the case of those lost and / or stolen, customers and / or users are required to update as soon as possible. 

VI. Various

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user's computer for record keeping purposes. Cookies allow us to help you as they are automatically generated by our systems, so you do not have to type your password more than once. If you do not want us to use cookies for your connection, please follow the internet browser's help instructions to delete them and ban them from using them.

Links includes links to its website to other sites that are not owned or controlled by you should be aware that we,, are not responsible for the privacy practices of other Web sites. We encourage you to know when you leave our company website and read the privacy statements of any web site that collects Personal Data. This privacy statement applies only to information and data collected by

IP Addresses
The IP address through which the PC has access to the website is used exclusively for the collection of statistics and transaction security.

The user / visitor has the choice of whether to subscribe to the newsletter where the selected platform is mailChimp.

The registration of the user / visitor can be done in the following ways:

- When ordering a service / product from
- When creating an account on
- From the newsletter subscription field located at the bottom or side of each Wize Media page presentation / blog
- From visiting Social Networks (facebook / Twitter / Google + / Youtube etc)

With the registration of the user / visitor, we collect ONLY the e-mail that the user / visitor provides to and its storage is exclusively on the MailChimp platform for the purpose of e-mails from for the offers and the news of our company. If the user who provided his / her email to decides to delete from the list he can do so through any message sent to him by by clicking the "Delete from list" link or the send an email to info [at] requesting it to be removed from the updates list.

The marketing department may process part or all of the items that you as a user / visitor you have sent to for statistical, financial and service / product or information purposes.

When using our services, you may be required to participate in periodic internal surveys conducted by to improve our services and products. These surveys are entirely voluntary. The data collected through these surveys is provided to you by the visitor / user and is only used to improve our products and services and is never delivered to third parties. At the end of each survey the data is deleted.

Website Analyzes
Web analytics is the measurement, compilation, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web use. Used as a research tool to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our site. The applications we use are Google Analytics and Matomo Analytics where they are adapted to measure ONLY the necessary and legal data for analysis.

Automated security systems
Wize Media uses some automated security systems to protect our systems from unauthorized access. This protects our customers and our users.

These systems collect information about failed access attempts, unusual access to actions that reasonably suspect that they are malicious, and actions aimed at the malfunctioning and performance of our systems.

After collection, these systems proceed to take automated decisions to stop malicious access to our systems, alert system administrators, and provide samples of malicious actions for legitimate use, if the severity of the actions imposes a Criminal Enforcement. 

Technical assistance
If you experience a technical problem and our help is needed / needed, you may be asked to provide some information about resolving the problem. will not ask you to provide the passwords you use to access our Personal Data Management systems.

In the event that we have requested passwords for a specially designed system or project you use, we will secure your identity by whatever means you deem necessary, for example telephone. NEVER share your passwords with third parties. We suggest that you immediately change the passwords used in your project after the technical support is complete. We remind you that we do not refer to the codes used to access systems.

When you visit website and for your convenience when ordering a service / product and to ensure that we can communicate with you to inform you of new services / products, you may be asked to report your details (name, profession, e-mail address, etc.).

The security of your Personal Data is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the Personal Data that is in place during transportation and to store them. Your personal data is secured during the transfer to and from our servers using SSL (encryption). Our site uses an SSL certificate verified by Comodo CA Limited.

Any personal data you post anywhere on the site is intended solely to ensure the operation of the service and is not used by any third party in accordance with the law as it applies each time.'s online store operates under applicable law and keeps your personal information secure for as long as you are registered with a service that is deleted after any termination of the deal.

Cooperating companies
Services or companies that have a service / product collaboration relationship and need to have personal user data are: / / / icann. In particular, for domain names, owner data is available to the whois service. Activating the ID Protect service can help hide these items.

VII. Content systems

When we receive emails, we will use the email address to respond to you. These addresses will not be used for any other purpose and will not be disclosed to third parties.

You will receive an email confirmation when ordering services or products from us and / or third parties providing services on our behalf. considers emails transmitted through our services as private correspondence between the sender and the recipient. We will not monitor, process or disclose the content of the user's private communications unless required by law.

By using the service, you agree that the technical processing of electronic mail communications is and may require you to send and receive messages that comply with the technical requirements of the network connection, comply with the service constraints, or comply with other, similar technical requirements. By using the service, you acknowledge and agree that does not endorse the user's communications content and is not responsible for any illegal, embarrassing, libelous, privacy invasion, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate content or content that violates or may violate the intellectual property or other rights of the other.

VII. Changes to this Privacy Statement reserves the right to change our privacy policy. Before any such changes we will notify you to customers and / or users via email and / or Twitter and / or announcements on our homepage or blog. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us through our contact page.

VIII. Principles and personal data

Elements of the personal data file shall be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities at their legal request and in accordance with the applicable laws.